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Welcome to Bhagyoday Tirth Pharmacy College * Admission open for B. Pharm & M. Pharm * List of B. Pharm & M. Pharm toppers: B. Pharm VII sem: Sanjana Soni (9.17 SGPA), B. Pharm V sem: Anjali Jain (9.15 SGPA ), B. Pharm III sem: Ritik Jain (9.08 SGPA ), B. Pharm I sem: Astha Jain (8.97 SGPA ), M. Pharm IIIrd Sem: Shiksha Jain (8.79 SGPA), M. Pharm Ist Sem: Pakhi Jain (8.85 SGPA)


Mr. Jeevan Lal Prajapati

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Assistant Professor, Mo. 9669225457, Email: [email protected]

Mr. Jeevan Lal Prajapati is associated with Bhagyoday Tirth Pharmacy College, Sagar since 2022 as Assistant Professor. He completed her B. Pharm from Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak.

His key research synthesis of pamam dendrimers and phytochemical investigation of Indian tribal medicinal plants.

                                                 List of Instruments

U.V Spectroscopy


Muffle Furnace



Digital Balance

Vacuum Pump

Friability test apparatus

Digital balance 10mg sensitivity

Dissolution Tester

Digital Balance (1mg sensitivity)


Suction pumps

Trianocular Microscope

Flame Photometer

Ion- Exchanger

Mechanical Stirrers

Centrifuge machine 

Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat

Vortex Shaker

Analytical Balances for demonstration

Wrist Action Shaker

Digital pH meter

PH Meter

Microwave Oven

Phase Cotrast Triangular Microscope

Distillation Unit

Zone reader

PH Meter (Pen Type)


Digital pH meter



Hot plates

Nephelo Turbidity meter



Zeta sizer*